I write, code, design, research and teach...

I’m also versed in video and motion!

I have a Master's in Interaction Design, UX research training, and a background in content creation and web development.

My breadth of creative and technical know-how helps me build interactive content-driven prototypes, craft compelling stories, and bridge the gap between designer and coder when bringing concepts from ideas to implementation.

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About me


My strengths // How I design

Content-driven design

Storytelling focus

I create content-driven UX
fancy UI with no clear message ain't my jam

I’ve told stories through scripts, storyboards, copy and image. But now, I construct them through my designs and design process. To me, content and UX are intrinsically linked!

Holistic knowledge

Multidisciplinary skills

A holistic view of design
factors into my decision-making process

From front-end to back-end, research to UI, copy to interaction - my diverse yet connected background means I design with an clear view of how things work together to create a whole.

Culturally conscious

Tailored approach

I bring a multicultural outlook
I know every design problem is unique